With resolve and love

Bill McKibben wrote that the COP process, like COP26, is to be seen as a scorecard of governments being forced to change as a result of citizen power.

Civil provocation must not only keep up, it must advance and adapt. 

More pressure needs to be placed on the large scale systems that underpin the status quo. 

“Follow the money.” “Find the power centre.” “Dismantle colonisation and its pair, patriarchy.”

Name, name and name these elements. 

The money and sunk costs that live in fossil land are huge. The power and influence this money has on politics needs to be named, exposed, and mentioned by millions every single day. 

Media power needs to be named. Again and again. The Murdocrary that dictates the UK, USA and Australia must end. 

Colonisation as an architecture, which includes patriarchy, must be seen, and ended.

Focus must be given to those at the effect of climate, emerging technology and unequal access. Lift up the until-now-disposable peoples of the world. Women, children, people of colour, coal miners and communities who need re-skilling, colonised and broken countries, islands..

We the people. We have always had the power. It is time to claim it. Not with violence. But with resolve and love.

Photo taken November 16th 2021

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