I am of the belief that while all of us are special in our own way, it is our very uniqueness that makes us so. We all have a song inside that is unique to us. While I get angry at parents that tell their child that they are so special as if other children are not, and that they deserve as if others do not..I love the very wonderful creativity of uniqueness in each human and animal on earth. I am not an egalitarian, each of us has rights, but not all of us where born equal at the level of practical reality. I mean, I am 5’1”, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot reach the top cupboard in the kitchen without a box to stand on! (I get angry at parents for saying to their child that they are so special because it builds the expectation of entitlement in children…and this is a disease of epic proportions that has infested our western culture and is creating a very rotten core..this topic worthy of another article on its own.)

Our uniqueness is exquisite. Sometimes it is weird. We may look funny, or have two left feet, or not be able to think fast. Or we may be able to think so fast we wonder what is wrong with everyone else! We may be a Positive Deviant or great at keeping house. We all have a unique song inside.

Part of my work is to see the song inside each person’s soul that is wanting to be sung. And to respect the timing of the singing of their song. There is a Kairos timing to everything, and my work requires deep sensitivity of the right timing to allow the full maturation of the song inside as it is birthed. Often I see the unique song long before the person’s own embodied awareness of their song. I have to hold the space for them to move ever closer to it. To support them in their own awareness and to give them the inner confidence, resilience, courage to let their song out into the world. It is work for which I am deeply grateful to participate it. I call this Amchara coaching.

So many times I am heart broken to see people with a song inside unsung!

Just imagine if Luciano Pavarotti decided in his early career to stop singing? Not only does he deny the world of great beauty, hope, joy, love, rapture, he denies himself of the song in his own heart. What a tragedy this would be for everyone.

I believe we all have our own song to sing. Our life experience, our gifts, our unique way of seeing the world, all lead us to a song that we have to sing that adds value to others. When we do not sing our song inside, we are no less than a Luciano who has decided not to sing. The result is tragic. Our soul withers for lack of the beauty we have to share..in whatever form that is…whether it is being brilliant at bookkeeping, or making scones, or sweeping streets, or creating iPods…

Sometimes we sing a song for a time and life happens and who we are changes. The old song is no longer relevant. Often this time between songs is a dark night, a place of shadows and loss, where nothing seems clear. This is the true metamorphous, the breaking down to be born anew. There will be a new song, and it will need to be sung.

The questions we all need to ask is..

What is my song inside…?

How and when and why do I need to sing this song..?

What is stopping me from singing my song..?

How would my life be if I never sang my song..?

If I really do not know what my song inside is…then what do I need to do today, just today (and then ask the same question tomorrow) to move me closer to my song?

We all know when someone is singing their true song. Their eyes are sparkling, they have joy in their body, their hearts are open, and they are grateful for the richness of life.

Is there any other way to live? I would love to hear from you about your song….or the one you want to sing.

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