On the 30th anniversary of Australia winning the America’s cup, and the morning the USA team repeated the effort from 8 down.

3 Keys to Winning- John Bertrand, Skipper Australia 11,  30 years ago, quoted this morning

“All of these needed to be world class

1. Management

2. Technology

3. Team and the coherence between the team”

For non Aussies reading this blog, almost every Australian alive and old enough to watch was up all night the night (Aussie time) we won. It was a massive day for the David’s of the world, against the mighty Goliath. It changed the way we Aussie’s held ourselves in the world of sport. And we are a die hard sporting nation.

John Bertrand said that they focused only on the single race of the day. They blocked out everything else. One day, one race. No past, no future.

It will be interesting to hear how the American’s did this when their story comes out. The skipper of Oracle is an Aussie and many of the team are Aussies. They make us tough downunder…both Kiwi’s and Aussies.

PS. If you haven’t read John Bertrand’s book, Born to Win, about how they did break the longest winning streak in sporting history, check it out. It’s one of my favourite books.


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