1. Do you know why you set up a limited liability corporation? Is it because that is what people in business do? Do you really understand what you are doing when you do so? How would the world be if business took responsibility for all of their actions? Check out B Corporations as alternatives. There are others. The limited liability corp is 513 years old. Maybe it’s passed its used-by date, at least in its current iteration.

2. Living for the god of profit. If you have a publicly listed company, in some jurisdictions the rules say you must, under law, aim for ROI for your shareholders, no matter what. There is nothing wrong with profit. We at 2:23AM celebrate profit. But profit as the side effect of doing great business, not the reason for business.

3. Bad design. Of anything.

4. Lack of care, for everything and everyone that has anything to do with your business. Anything. Anyone.

5. Being too “blokey”. (Bloke is an Aussie/British term for man) Business that is too heavy on the aggression, drive, thinking, measuring, hard core ego, go hard behaviour. Invite the receptive, compassionate, nurturing, intuitive and yes, feminine into your business. Your business and the world will be better for it. And you might be happier in your business.

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