An expression of tokenism


The estimated number of Emperor Penguin chicks estimated to have died because of climate change last year.

Over 5,000 people have perished trying to escape war, famine and poverty in Africa since 2016. 

These numbers will be considered small in the next decade or two.

My heart breaks. 

This is without writing about the creatures killed by fire and flood in the last few years. 

Real change is patchwork and an expression of tokenism.

No country or government on the planet is brave enough to stand up to the hegemony of corporation and monopoly. 

What will it take, so many of us ask? 

In a world driven by money, we must break the back of money. When the masses – you and me – cannot feed ourselves, cannot afford insurance, cannot heat and cool our homes – when we are dying from heat and all the side effects – this might then be the tipping point—the place where people rise up in revolution and topple monopoly and corporation.

To expect this change to come from the top is to ignore history. 

It will be up to us. Stay active. 

Photo Taken August 28th  2023