In the last article on 17th December, Endings and beginnings, transit 2012, I wrote a different type of annual review process than the usual ones making the rounds.

I do this exercise myself….here is my summary.

2012 was a year of letting go. For most of 2012 there was some resistance to this.

1. At the end of 2011 I let go of a lifetime pattern of placing charismatic males on pedestals and then serving their success at the cost of my own.

From the conclusion of this life long pattern, I have allowed wonderful generous men to show up in my life who have an intention of facilitating my success, not at their expense, but out of generosity. How lovely is that?

2. I managed to move though one of the most difficult periods of my life with some degree of grace.

3. My daughter graduated from University

4. I reached the end of the year clean and clear, no ickiness in the space, all words spoken, everything complete.

5. I have learned a lot more about money, specifically how I have ignored money, not given it a place at the table, an equal place along side health, family and community.

6. We moved into a new home after 15 years that I love.

7. I am in the process of transiting from a career of 15 years to a whole new identify and way of being.

My being in  2013
I stand in these statements below in the now, even though they may not yet be manifest. This is like trying on a new outfit, something different to your usual style. The ‘makeover’ experience, where others can see the makeover is a more fully enhanced expression of you, but you haven’t quite crossed into the ability to see/feel that yet.

I am:

*A smart, capable, successful and integrous business women.
*Cash and flow positive, in the black in all departments (money, health, relationships, community, energy)
*Abundant and wealthy in my worldview
*Trusting first and foremost in my partners and co-conspirators, in the invisible and visible  world
*Magnetically attractive to wonderful vibrant, generous, successful, smart people
*Healthy and fit
*The leader of a very exciting, inspirational, successful business that employs all the principles I have studied and taught over the years
*Courageous, focused, committed, bold, daring, brave

Success means to me that I am expressing my truth on full beam, paying exquisite attention to the whispers of the god’s, and able to sustain myself in abundance.

What do I need to do LESS of…to give up.

Less time doing random things. Less FB and emails in the early day.

Less administration and stuff I shouldn’t be spending time on.

Less small stuff, less distraction.


More structure. More focus.
More meeting the resistance head on.

My mornings are the best time for me.

To have 2013 work best for me.
*Spend time each day in silence, listening to intuition/spirit/truth. Becoming clear about what I need to do today as priority. Becoming clear about what is the one thing that I know I am to do that scares the heck out of me, and do it. EVERY DAY
*Attend to the most important things first. DO NOT ALLOW DISTRACTIONS (like Facebook, email etc)
*Commit to delivering extraordinary art. Nothing but the best. Push the edges. Be brilliant. Risk. Have my work do the talking.
staying small, not breaking through resistance, living in fear
scarcity and poverty of mind and spirit
debt in any form – emotional, physical, spiritual, financial.

What do you need to do to make 2013 the best yet? 

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