Arrogance makes poor decisions

I have been there. Head filled with my own self-importance. Steaming satisfaction of a job well done becoming a runaway breeding ground for hubris.

“Look at me!” 

The problem with arrogance is that in our arrogance we separate ourselves from connection to those we serve.

We stop listening to the people, the field, the changing ecology.

We begin to believe that we know everything. That we have the answers. That what we did yesterday will work today. 

Look at the sunrise. Every day she shows up. Of that I can be certain. But she never wears the same costume. Ever.

For me to assume that she will perform in accordance with my wishes, is for me to become the fool. 

Arrogance makes poor decisions. Arrogance and humility cannot live together. 

To lead with humility is to attend to the earth, the soil, the ground, the people discarded by most measures of assumed significance. 

To see arrogance in leadership is to know there will be waves of damage. Now and into the future. Often harming the most vulnerable.

We all need a well-designed foil against the sneaky disease of our own potential to increasing arrogance.

Photo taken July 16th 2021

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