Business that does not seek beauty in all of its expressions is not a business with which I seek to engage.

Indeed, anything that does not seek to express beauty is something to be distrustful of. Government, the finance industry., fast food…you name it.

In our industrial frenzy we have torn down forests and replaced them with concrete jungles. We have turned food into something so far from aliveness. We have reduced humanity to cogs on the giant wheel of work for profit.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I experience the skyline of my home town, which is highrise buildings along a stretch of stunning beach, as something of beauty. Others might not.

And yet most of us know the experience of ugliness. We know when we look at a river, once flowing, now swollen with toxic sludge and rubbish, that we are seeing something created by people who had no regard for beauty.

Beauty has aliveness, vitality, heart and soul. Ugliness is dead, inert, toxic…

Money can be beautiful. Or it can be ugly. Industry can be beautiful…or ugly…

Our souls yearn for beauty. The insult of ugly business, ugly business practices, careless use of money and resources, harden our hearts.

To take a moment then to experience a sunrise, as I am blessed to do so many times, is to be restored.

Let us build beautiful businesses, beautiful lives…that is the intention of 2.23am

Photo credit: Andrew McDougall , my brother (taken from Beechmont of the sunrise over the Surfers Paradise skyline)

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