Betrayal seeds betrayal

To betray  – To mislead, deceive or delude.

If we are preparing a garden to plant food to nourish our lives, we take care to get the soil, water and nutrients right.

If we are preparing to form partnerships with others, we might take care to get the relational dynamics right.

To begin with betrayal is to plant the seeds for betrayal. To begin with mutual betrayal is to seed distrust as the ground condition. 

To expect a long term healthy relationship when betrayal is the seed point is to invite extraordinary disappointment. The Pattern Integrity of the relationship includes betrayal and the mistrust that comes with it.

The love, care, effort, attention and time we put into the early stages of any relationship, be that an intimate or business relationship, pays dividends in the long term.

In the exciting capture of the thing being created in a business, or the excitement of love and lust we think we see in the other, we often neglect the foundations.

In Syntropic World the tools of the Trust Manifesto and Synergistic Audit are foundational conditions to relationships that last through time, creating ecologies for synergy.

Photo taken March 6th 2022

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