Bringing women to every table

Women do not need to become carbon copies of men as they ask for an equal seat at every table.

If we do become carbon copies, we might as well stay at home.

Bringing women to every table is about the different voice. A voice that speaks to centuries of caring, nurturing, making ends meet, and being as smart as men in different ways. 

If women catfight and backstab with each other and bring this same behaviour into the rooms they seek access to, then they should stay at home.

The world doesn’t need a single other voice that ridicules, manipulates for personal gain, obfuscates, plays childish games – no matter the gender or ethnicity.

We need voices of reason, bringing grace, restoring dignity, speaking fiercely for justice for all. 

Not just from women, but from all. Voices that can speak of terrible things because they are truly terrible.

If someone speaks and you disagree, we need the personal developmental capacity to consider that oversensitivity and hyper-reflexivity in you is your issue. 

To tiptoe around the truths that need to be stated because you do not want to trigger a pain in another keeps the issue alive and ongoing. Women are especially good at tiptoeing. 

All at the table needs to know their own triggers, and attend to them, including their traumas. But to use personal triggers and traumas as the reason not to speak what must be spoken, is to perpetuate the inciting incident. It keeps the victim, perpetrator cycle on repeat. It is exhausting. 

There is a big difference between naming injustice for what it is and persecuting the other in the naming. 

We must know the difference.

Photo Taken December 7th 2023