Context for aliveness

A few days ago I deliberately stepped on a very small cockroach and killed it.

I have done this many times before without a second thought.

This time I paused and gave this innocent creature my attention right after I had snuffed out its life.

What is life?

How tenuous it is. How fragile are we?

On my Twitter feed, I get images of the Ukrainians who have died defending their country. I pause each time I see an image and hold these people in my heart. Today it was a young mother who had joined the fight. My heart breaks.

The fragility of life is what makes it so precious. To know this is to truly live.

This is the paradox and the tension. It is our impending death that creates the context for aliveness. 

This is the impulse behind seize the day.

This day will never come again.

Photo Taken August 2nd 2023