It is a simple question….not always easy to answer. This is because we load this question with all sorts of false gods and hopes.

We want our business to look a different way. We want it to make more, do more, be more. You can love your business and stay true to its unfolding to more ways of expression. This means that you are forever tuning in to what is emerging in both your business and the environment in which your business exists… therefore adapting aspects, refining other aspects and retiring others…it is never static. Your business is a living changing expression.

Or we compare it with Joe’s business, or Richard Branson’s business…and it never measures up. (Silly practice, comparison…a sink hole for healthy energy…of course it will never measure up…it is your business and it will only be whole if it is a refection of you and not anyone else.)

We think we are our business…so when we make a sale, people are buying us. They are buying your word, your promise, and what you deliver…but no one can buy you…your business and you are two different but related energies and forms.

Do you love your business? Really love it? Love it as you love your own family?

If not…what is required for you to love your business? Take the time to tune into that…trust that…honour that…


Photo credit: Mohammadali F. via Compfight


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