When something really matters it requires disciplined focus. But a creative entrepreneur’s mind is naturally roving across multiple scenarios, antenna’s tuned for opportunity.

This is the tension that most entrepreneurs encounter. How to bring all the seemingly disparate pieces into a coherent focus.

Intuitively I have known that now is the time to do this with a heightened level of rigor. To not reject expressions that are vital to my existence, but to ensure they are all synchronised into a clear trajectory.

Our journey through life is similar. Maturity brings a deeper clarity to our core identity and its authentic expression. The process is one of shedding the parts that truly do not match, and emphasizing and embracing the parts that do.

Its not an easy path. Often we cannot find a place for pieces of us that really matter that is in harmony with the whole. It takes courage to embrace the parts of us that matter that we have suppressed for whatever reason. And to say no to the parts of us that have never really been a fit.

People who have a high coherence around their authentic wholehearted expression, leaving nothing out, bringing the whole of themselves to their work and life, have a charisma about them that is truly compelling. This is my personal aspiration.

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