Falling under a spell

We are all under some kind of spell or another. We might believe that success comes from hard work. Many women working bone-breaking hours in countries affected by extreme poverty will tell you that hard work simply keeps the basics, if that, on the table.

We might believe that our monetary and financial systems are the only way things can work. We might believe that capitalism is the only way.

The spell of our dollar is an important one. When we collectively no longer trust its value then it will no longer have any value.

To be open to challenging the entire suit of our beliefs and stories is one of the best ways to prevent the entanglement of spells.

We become a danger to ourselves and others when we sink into absolutism and righteousness about what we believe. 

This will happen!

I know this!

I am right!

It is the only way!

Squeezing out optionality is denying the emergence of truth. Closing our minds to the possibility our thinking and believing is wrong is to live in a deluded state.

Photo taken June 23rd 2022

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