I can see for miles

It is one of those autumn days, cold crisp morning, the stream off the ocean a clear sign that the water temperate is far warmer than the air. Not a cloud in the sky.

I can see for miles.

I think about this. What I can see. And how far. 

It begs the question, what can’t I see? 

It is a question wisdom teaches us to ask. 

Beneath the flat ocean, life beyond the realm of imagining. Up in the heavens, galaxies that reduce Earth to a nothing on the scale of everything, and my precious life to a fragment in infinity.

That thing that made me angry yesterday? What was it? Did it matter?

I read now about those who are seeing shadows where they do not exist. Conspiracy loves to dance with shadows as the weapon of enticement. 

Yet conspiracy also offers some hidden grain of truth. 

Ah, but if we had the eyes to see the truth from the propaganda. Indeed, those wrapped in the embrace of conspiracy ask me to do the same.

Yet what we are both seeing are worlds apart.

And in that divide, we fracture, and the war continues.

Photo Taken May 6th 2023

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