On the weekend I attempted to watch the highly praised Wolf of Wall Street. I managed to get 1.5 hours into the film before calling it quits. Maybe I didn’t bring my comedy heart, which could have helped. I found the sickening excess and waste painful to watch. But even more than this, the way this guy milked the gullible to create his wealth. And the knowing that this was based on a real guy who only spent a short stint in jail for white collar crime, and is now a celebrity once again raking in the millions for the story of the rottenness of what he did.

Maybe I am strange? But I do question how we can revere people as hero’s who build wealth by feeding on the weak, or raping the land.

It makes me angry. White collar crime is not really considered crime. Cheating, corruption, making money at any price…these are all acceptable. Our political system has legitimized corruption and bribery.

Yet change is coming. People everywhere are seeking businesses that delight. We want to be amazed, delighted, charmed…we want to experience care, deep care…in our purchasing decisions and in our relationships with the businesses we deal with.

Whether that is a large corporate or a small business, the business of delight has currency.

In the wasteland of hard core success at any price type business, dare to be different. Dare to screw business as usual. Ensure there is a Chief Officer of Delight on the executive team.

Go forth and delight. This is no small act. Through delight we can change the world.

PS. My critique of the Wolf Of Wall Street was about the story. I thought the acting and production was fabulous.

Photo credit: Creative Commons License LASZLO ILYES via Compfight

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