I too, like most of the world, am experiencing grief for the loss of Madiba. Listening to Barack Obama’s obituary speech what struck me the most was his comment that Madiba was so clear about his path that he would be prepared to die for his principles of equality.

To die.          For what he stood for.

Here I was worrying about debt and what I should do next. Now I have tears streaming down my face and feel ashamed to have been caught up in such petty considerations. And this, exactly this response, is why Nelson Mandela was so great. He was the example. He gave everything for that. Everything that was to be given. And for that example, for his love and life commitment I am deeply grateful to have been alive at the same time he walked the earth.

For what is life if we live it in half light? If we do not throw ourselves all in…willing to risk all…all..for what matters?

Becoming a mum it was easy to know that I would be willing to die for my child. In a heart beat. No doubts about this. I think I share this with many parents.

What else are we parent to? What is that? That we would be willing to die for?

As a friend said to me recently….Christine when the why is big enough, people will move mountains. And goodness knows, the world needs some mountain moving.

This is the question I now sit in, on this day, in my best way to honour the life of a great human. What I am willing to give my life to?

Rest in peace Madiba.



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