Listen to the sound of our own calling

Finding our voice

It lies like a sleeping serpent in the pit of our being. 

Waiting, waiting, to be seen.

It is always there, ready.

For us to find it.

In the dark places of our being, it waits.

Until it cannot stand the darkness any longer.

Until we must speak. The oppression, the pain, the urgency too great to bare.

We must speak as an affirmation, first and foremost to our being. 

I am here! Hear me. 

Why have you ignored me for so long?

Only when we listen to the sound of our own calling, to its urgency and love, can we give our voice the space to be. 

We must know it. It’s rage and terrors. Its sorrows. It’s peace.

Having our voice become a familiar to us, it might then find its way into the world.

Today’s post was inspired by this quote “To gain your own voice, forget about having it heard. Become a saint of your own province and your own consciousness.” Allen Ginsberg

Photo Taken June 22nd 2023

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