If your business, your life, your work is not about love then never expect it to fill your life with the things you most yearn for.

In our ‘go hard’ success generated world, it is rare that the topic of love is discussed along side business.

Strange isn’t, when we think about it? That the spaces we spend the most time in are so far from the love?

When you were a kid did you want to spend your days working at something that did not evoke love? Did you imagine a life where love was the rare exception and not the common ground?

The first duty of love is to listen.

Listen to your customer. Listen to your staff. Listen to the ecosystem around you. Listen to your own heart, mind, soul. Listen as if your life depended upon it. Listen to words not yet spoken, wants not yet articulated. Needs not yet named.

“To truly listen is to risk being changed forever. “ Sa’k’ej Henderson

Risk being changed forever. When we start with love, listen with love, build businesses with love, for love, expressing love…we can change the world.

Creative Commons License qthomasbower via Compfight

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