A measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all of your money.

The source of the word wealth comes from the middle English Welthe, which has its roots in health and wellness.

To be truly wealthy is a state of health and wholeness. It is only of recent times that we have reduced wealth to how much money we have.

When we pin our interior experience, whether that be the experience of freedom, abundance, meaning, worth, happiness or prosperity on the exterior world we are in fact giving the exterior thing more power over us than we have over our selves. In other words, our own self power is missing in deference to the exterior power.

I am worthy because I have money. Or I experience happiness because I got the raise, met the girl, made the deal.

True wealth, like truth worth, is a state of being that has zero connection to the exterior world. When the exterior world throws us daggers, we still maintain our sense of worth, our sense of wealth, our happiness.

Is this easy? No. It means untangling from the culture norms and becoming sovereign in our own identity.

In the end it means that no matter what life throws at us we maintain our centre.

Am I there yet…far from it…but closer than ever. The wonder of life is that often we have to lose everything to find that everything was not what made us worthy. With this comes ultimate freedom.

Worth, wealth, peace, happiness, grace, love, abundance…these are all inside jobs.

Photo credit: Creative Commons License Ken Teegardin via Compfight

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