Every human being I have met has a degree of wonky energy around money.

I know some very wealthy people who are terrified of losing their money, so they hang onto it, put walls around it.

And people with almost no money who live lives of joy and abundance.

And all the colours in between.

The hardest lesson to learn is that money is not the source of freedom, happiness, love, security, joy, generosity, connection, communion…all of the experiences we want to feel most. You are the source of these things.

Money can be the fuel to these things. But unless we do the inner work to remove our stories of limitation, scarcity, lack…money will never satisfy our hearts desire.

We need money to fuel our businesses and our lives. Let’s get clear about it being fuel, about its right relationship in the world. When money becomes the destination – profit at all costs, paying CEO’s for the amount of profit they make for shareholders…then we have elevated money to a place that will only create physical and emotional wastelands.

*The quote for the heading is from Simon Sinek, as spoken to Jonathan Fields in this remarkable interview. http://www.goodlifeproject.com/

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