Murky with money

Everything does seem to get murky when money enters the frame.

We hold such incomplete conversations around our relationship with money. It tangles us in value, or lack of, our ability to ask or not, our cultural story, our worth, and then a whole host of religious leftovers of guilt and shame.

Therefore it is essential that we speak about our relationship with money until the murk has gone. It is especially important that we do this when we give to our work our whole selves. 

Any partnership must place the conversation with money, worth and value as a regular and ongoing conversation, not to be shirked. 

A Steward Leader will create a safe space to discuss money, value and worth, restoring dignity, respect and the capacity to honour value given in multiple domains.

To ignore this conversation is to create a future where the conversation with money and ourselves will become all demanding.

Photo taken May 25th 2022

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