Nature never tolerates monoculture

I love the rich tapestry of living things. We know that our world relies on bio-diversity to stay healthy. 

Our gut is a city of diversity. When one organism rules, we become sick. The bacteria we carry around with us on our skin are in the millions. Little invisible passengers, and a whole world I am almost entirely unaware of, with my body being the transport.

Yet we are terrified of the same bio-diversity amongst our own kind. We want sameness. All white. All brown. All the same genders. No rainbows shades. Anything that threatens our dominant status must be snuffed out.

Nature never tolerates monoculture. It is a death sentence to all living things.

It has taken humanity a long time to figure this out. Even as I write, the monocultures holding the reigns of power fight to maintain their position.

We will all benefit more when our workplaces and communities are diverse. The novelty and nuance of diversity is aliveness.

To ridicule or shame diversity of colour, race, gender, or culture simply because of this difference is a statement of the insecurity of those who ridicule and shame.

Rather than this, we might hold diverse people, and ourselves to standards of decency, respect, kindness, care, compassion and consideration for others in their diversity.

I will not judge you for your race or gender but for how you treat others if you keep your word and if you act with consideration for life. 

Photo Taken August 21st 2023