We all have these days. You know you need to face something. Make a call, speak to your spouse. Take an action that you have been avoiding.

We know that if we try to ignore the action we need to take, it will still be there the next day. And the next. The shadow of it will inhabit our dreams, waft through our room the moment we wake. It is the nature of things.

However, on the day our courage fails, instead of judging ourselves so harshly for being gutless, next time simply stand in the truth that our courage failed us today. We are not gutless, not normally. Today, for whatever reason, or no reason at all, courage was not available. The more we allow this to be true, to accept this without judgement or self criticism, the more likely that we will find the courage tomorrow.

Every human I know has days where courage fails them. Even the bravest. Most daring. The ones who move into the next day and find the courage more easily are the ones who give themselves the grace to be human on those days their courage fails them.

Jin Jinto via Compfight

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