Its the old story. Wanting to be picked. For the sports team, the school play. For your work.  For the job. As we get older the stakes seem to get higher. Especially when we pour our heart and soul into our art, and then put it out in the world.

Do we get picked? Do people say yes? And if we do not, what do we then do?

How many times do we pick ourselves up off the floor and return to the fray when we are not picked? How many times do we adjust and try again?

Seth Godin would say, pick yourself. That means don’t wait for permission to put yourself out there, for the ‘someone’ to pick you for their team.

But eventually we need someone to say yes. This is the risk. That no one will.

Yet if we do not give it a go, the answer is no.

So pick yourself up off the floor, put your whole heart and whole soul into your art and work, keep it as real and true as you can, get the feedback, adjust without violation of integrity, repeat.

This is resilience. love, commitment. It’s often hard. No one really tells you how hard it can be until you show up and play fully.

Join the ranks of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and countless others who refused to give up. And on the way, find the magnificence that is you when you do pick yourself.

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