Privilege’s complementary pair is responsibility

I spent most of my youth ignorant of my privilege. It was normal life.

Travel took me to places where I witnessed first-hand those who did not have the same access to health care, education, safety, and open spaces.

Local travel made me realise that many in my home country did not have my privilege. 

Working with clients over the years taught me that being raised in a happy family, absent any form of violence or abuse, was an exception.

Having members of my own family be incredibly wealthy and separated from any form of lack, had me realise how easy it is to become entitled.

Working on Big Blue Sky in 2015 reminded me that I am a citizen of a community, and I can choose to assume entitlement, or I can act as a contributor.

Each human’s Pattern Integrity – our individual uniqueness – is a privilege. If we squander sharing this with the world, we deny others access to our gifts.

Privileges complementary pair is responsibility.

We need to bring this remembering of our responsibility back into our homes, education and societal norms.

Photo Taken May 11th 2023

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