Multitasking is not a good idea. There is no ability to do anything with care and attention when we multitask. Yet our lives often pull us in multiple directions simultaneously. We feel discombobulated, flung from one activity to the next, with little coherence between any.

It pays to find the thread that connects all the pieces. And in so doing the separation between work, play, family, spirit collapses. This is where we step into embodied living. There is no separate ‘me the worker’ or me the family man’ or ‘me the adventurer’.

To find the thread that connects requires inquiry and self observation. In the process we may find that parts of us are so misaligned that we need to let them go. This is not always easy, as our identity may be entangled in the misaligned pieces. Years and years of acting in the misaligned parts of us may have given it that comfortable ‘old shoe’ feel.

When we bring all the pieces together, when they make a deep sense to us, an effortlessness arises. No longer are we living a schizophrenic life. The way ahead clears. This is what natural efficiency and economy are.

A bear knows how to be a bear. An owl knows how to be an owl. We have forgotten how to be human. And especially, we have forgotten how to be a human called Joe, or Paul, or Sue…

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