Edward Snowden has done a bold and courageous thing. He spoke out, at the cost of everything, against something he felt was wrong. A violation of everything he felt was good and true. For this he is being vilified and hounded by his own country, the very country that was founded on escape from political and religious bullying.

None of us have all the background story, we don’t have the inside of the inside of the inside….about what goes on in the NSA and its offspring. We don’t know how many plots, if any, have really been foiled by spying/eavesdropping on the world.

But many of us know that there has a line that has been crossed, over and over, in the interests of ‘protection’ of  the right’s of the USA and its people. (and possibly its allies)  That the political crossing of this line has become unquestioned. That the moment we cross the line without deep consideration, infinite wisdom and respect for the whole world and not just the few insiders, then we descend into a place out of which there is no easy exit.

Each and every one of us is tempted by this line more than once in our lifetimes. The seemingly easy way. Cheating, lying, stealing,  bullying, abusing, wining when it means suffering for another…..

We need 10,000 Edward Snowden’s. A million. Your voice, my voice. Our voices. We need to say a”Enough.”

While you cannot subtract the politics from the action, bravo to Russia. Bravo to China. Safe travels to Edward. And may all of us find our voices and the courage to raise them.

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