What if the more creative/entrepreneurial you are the more fear there is?

What if these two are twins, the yin and yang. Inseparable?

If this is correct then here are some things to consider.

1. We need to befriend fear. She is not going to leave as long as we are alive with creativity and the entrepreneurial impulse.

2. If fear is absent for too long, we are probably resting on our laurels, becoming too comfortable and not pushing the envelope of our own creative impulse. (In other words, living a half life)

The more creative we are, the bolder we become with our entrepreneurial expression, the more regularly fear will also be there. She is the metric to summons us to cross the next threshold. And life, ALIVENESS, is what happens when we cross that threshold…when we move towards the path we know to be true and yet comes with the price of dancing with our fear. This is the nexus point. The sweet and scary spot. That rare bird that we yearn for and yet so often resist…resist to the point that our lives become bland, missing some vital key.

Fear is our friend. She is a guide, a protector, and the guardian of our deepest truth. She is not to be discarded, but brought to the high table and honoured.

And then, in our deepest wisdom of knowing the difference between fear to protect us from a real dragon, and fear to prevent us from crossing the threshold, we say…this path, my project, the plan birthed through creativity, is bigger than my fear. And today, Fear, you will be noticed but you will not hinder.

Note…this will be my last post for 2013. I will return January 6th. Thank you so much for journeying with me this year. Means the world to me.


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