This is the second of the 5 keys to success and life on your terms.

#2 Daily practice of tuning into your life and business using your self disciplines as the ground of being.

Your business has a core DNA. Just like each individual born has a core DNA. Our core is refined by experience. Often it is beaten down by experience. But no matter what, it is there. As the water is to a wave.

We often fail to identify the core DNA of our business. Look at Nokia, sadly now a shadow under the tower of Microsoft. Nokia’s core DNA consisted of the ability to reinvent itself completely. But now that it is in the belly of the whale, it’s only likely reinvention is as waste. (Or maybe not…)

First identify what is the core DNA of your business. The source code of the original idea that when fleshed out, became your business. For us at 2:23AM the source code is about restoring the heart, soul and mind to business for all the right reasons so that business is a force for good. And while doing this, building a global movement and tribe of entrepreneurs and leaders who’s work and life are rich with both success and significance. In order to do this, we must be the model. At the individual, enterprise and community level.

When you are very clear about the core DNA of your business, take time each day to tune in. Your business is not you, but you are integral to your business. Imagine your business has a heart, soul and mind. That you are having a conversation with it. What does it need today to thrive? Who does it need to do what? What is it asking of you? Now look at these questions and answers in the light of your guiding principles. Your guiding principles (from #1, the previous blog) are your compass, your course correction.

When we take the time to give the core DNA of our business the attention and respect it requires to thrive, thrive it will. When we ignore it, belittle its own intelligence, violate its core DNA, or smother it with our own egoic wants and needs, we are going to end up with either a business that bares no reflection on its core identity and therefore becomes soulless, or one that is dying.

These exact same steps may be applied to your life. You know what this feels like because you know what it feels like when someone wants you to do something that is not in the fabric of your being. Like asking an artist to be a football player. Your elemental identity, your core DNA, is yearning for its fullest expression. But we can only provide that if we know what it is, and then give it the respect and attention it requires. Be yourself. Be yourself completely. To be yourself, know yourself.

What is your businesses core DNA? And are you giving it the fullest of respect?

For Part 3. Deep and ever growing trust in the pattern integrity of Universe.




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