Part #3 of 5. Success and Life on Your Terms

Deep and ever growing trust in the pattern integrity of Universe.

Granted this is a hard thing to do. Actually it is a life’s work…to trust in divine energy. A pattern of co-ordination that transcends anything we can imagine/articulate/describe.

Access to this is through the art and poetry of the mystics. Rumi, Kabir, St Theresa, John of the Cross. Einstein. Bucky Fuller. These people are conduits to the symphony that is playing all around us, yet for the most part unheard. Silence also permits access. Nature is a doorway. Beauty. And love. Dance. Holding hands. Singing.

Wisdom comes from learning to trust in the pattern integrity, to know completely that there is a rhythm and dance to all things.

The bumble bee does not need to question his role in Universe. Neither does he go on strike. Nature knows exactly what needs to be done. Even now when we humans have spent so much time screwing nature over.

The path of wisdom is to recognise that our intelligence and ability to be a witness is the very source of our own limitation…while simultaneously being an incredible tool for healthy or destructive emergence. We carry at all times the responsibility of both. Hence the need for wisdom.

The pattern integrity of Universe has its own timing…nature has its own gestation. You cannot rush the birth of an elephant. Or a baby. There is a flow…and a thread to all things. Honour them. Patience is a practice.

To not trust is simply to say that the single “I” has more intelligence than the whole. It is to say that ‘my’ way is far better. My experience far greater. Here in is the arrogance. The small “I” of the egoic superficial immature self is a toddler in the web of life. A tantrum throwing, over entitled toddler who wants everything now..his way…without any consideration to the whole.

With trust comes surrender. Hard to do. That letting go. Especially when there is no guarantee that in the letting go the outcome will be peachy.

Anyone worth paying attention to has walked the hard road…has learned the hard way…about the music of the divine. They will tell you about freedom. Peace. Love. From the other side. Through their life as demonstration.

All the things we want most of all…those things…come through trust (and love). When we trust, we lay aside our arrogance, and discover the beauty of humility.

How do you live in trust?

Part 2. Daily practice of tuning into your life and business using your self disciplines as the ground of being.

Part 4.The ability to dance with change, to auto correct, read the signs, hear and see the signals.

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