Part 4. The ability to dance with change, to auto correct, read the signs, hear and see the signals.

Are you on the right path in your business? How do you know?  Do you trust yourself to know you are on the right path?

Every journey worth taking has its trials and tribulations. There will be road blocks, speed bumps, accidents. You will miss-read the signs.

Like any journey, we have tools and instruments to determine if we are on path. Your guiding principles (#1) are the compass. We get lost and confused when we get attached to what we want things to look like. The ability to relinquish all forms and get back to source as the compass is your most powerful tool. Then to practice #2, tuning in.

The path will actually be well lit if we do these two things. A whole manner of things will conspire to support the success of your journey.

This is the dance. Source (compass), tuning in, movement, adjust, letting go..repeat…Attention on multiple domains is critical. The exterior signals, local and global, feedback from others and the system; the interior signals, how we are feeling, trusting ourselves, our intuition.

In order to move forward with clarity our head, heart and intuition needs to be 100% aligned. An absolute yes. If you do not have the absolute yes, then what is missing that may support that?

And again I ask, do you trust yourself to know? Are you able to access the part of yourself that does know?

For Part 5. Courage, love, generosity, gratitude




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