This the last of this five part series.#5. Courage, love, patience, generosity, gratitude. For Part 1.

Courage….from the heart. Knowing your fear, knowing that there is a small part of you invested in keeping you small, but moving from your gut and truth because to not do so is to kill your spirit.

Love..Our work, our business, our world…needs more love. Do you bring love to your work every day? Do you ask, “What would love do now?” Do you make things with love, speak with love, write with love, hold accountable with love? Or have you consigned love in business to a dark room…no place for the two to hang out together? If so, think again. Everything wrong with the world is because love is missing. It’s our greatest currency. A business built for love, on a platform of love will stand high above the crowd of the mundane and mediocre.

Patience…Nature has its own gestation. To all things there is a timing and rhythm. Patience is the master of ego. What we want and when we want it will be tested by patience, and we will either learn wisdom or we will not. Better to be patient and learn wisdom, and the grace that comes with it. To know the perfect “kairos” timing of things is wise indeed.

Generosity…Real generosity comes from knowing, without question, that you are supported. That there is enough. That you are enough. Any act of generosity that doesn’t reflect this is a shadow of the real. It matters not how much you have to give, it matters entirely from where the generosity arises. Within true generosity is all the freedom you have ever yearned for.

Gratitude…to be on our knee’s metaphorically, in gratitude, as a daily act, keeps us humble. To give thanks, be thankful, bow in thanks…for all things great and small, light and dark, happy and sad.

In deep gratitude for reading this. Written from Cairns, Far North Queensland.

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