Surely we might consider what is best for the whole?

In Australia our response to COVID has been very different to most parts of the world. We, like New Zealand, have gone for an elimination strategy. Borders essentially shut. 

The tragedy is that our Liberal government has allowed division to occur between states. Each of the eight states and territories has responded differently to their local outbreaks. Some of these states are Liberal (akin to Republican), some Labour. (Democrat) 

The National government is Liberal. They encouraged a state against state division. Clearly favouring Liberal states and sledging ridicule on the Labour states. 

This play of division is so tiresome. I watch it happening all around the world. I watch it happening in families. 

Surely we might consider what is best for the whole? Surely that is the remit of a federal government?

Yet when we have governments elected on 3 or 4 year terms, where money and corporate influence has become the biggest lever and the incentive is to get re-elected, this incentive trumps consideration for the whole and for the future.

The model is broken. 

I wonder what we might create instead that enables democracy and healthy polarity while genuine investment is made into the long term future?

States like China where autocracy rules have little issue with considering their long term future. As such, they build infrastructure for that future. No election forthcoming. Yet at the same time, the increase in suppression of people, the surveillance and insistence on compliance, is very concerning.

At the least we need a healthy fourth estate. Media uncontaminated by corporate and political interests. Citizens educated from the beginning on what it means to be a citizen. And systems and structures that enable liquid, issues-based democracy. Incorruptible ledgers of taxpayers funds. 

All of these things are available now. I wonder what it will take to get countries like Australia to move in that direction?

The fight for political power, the insistence on keeping people divided to keep power…these small schoolyard games are hopefully the last gasp of a patriarchal system reaching its end game.

Photo taken July 15th 2021

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