We live in a society that values doing. Action. Go hard. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Focus. Clear intention. Manage schedule. A gizillion emails. Calls. People asking for their pound of flesh.

Even when we are not busy working, we are busy with gym classes, kids classes, social activities.

Doing nothing…as in having NOTHING scheduled, is almost an impossible thought, and may raise your blood pressure just thinking about it. “What would I do if I had nothing to do?” Hmmm…is that a diagnostic of a hard core addiction or what?

We need to reconnect with the lost art of whimsy. To creating space that allows us to do nothing, or anything that feels spontaneous. Whimsical, capricious space. Float time.

Doing nothing is actually the portal to being the most creative. It is essential time.

If you find yourself unable to contemplate allowing yourself regular chunks of whimsical time, then you are probably addicted to busy. Or you might need to discover the delicious practice of mindlessness.

Or, if you are trapped in not wanting to do anything but whimsical time, you are probably caught in some form of procrastination.

In both circumstances there is something you are not facing.

Take some time…go play…for no reason. Or sit, for no reason. Walk on the beach, for no reason.

In the process… find yourself.

Photo credit: Marc Soller via Compfight


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