We think that when we ‘make’ it, the fear will stop. Or that as we do years and years of personal development it might stop.

Certainly it can lessen, and we can learn strategies to circumvent the fear much more quickly.

But it never really goes away.

You can be cruising along, doing quite nicely, and then out of the blue, and for no particular reason, your old friend fear is back.

I recommend making fear your friend. She comes armed with vital information. She keeps you alive, literally and figuratively.

Fear keeps you living on the edge. And the edge is the only place to hang out as an entrepreneur.

Plus only the very few entrepreneurs feel the fear and do it anyway. Most of us fold and never really cross fears threshold.

Imagine your life if you could discriminate between fear that is designed to protect you, and fear that is designed to stop you…and on discriminating the stopping fear you moved through it always….where would you be now?

On rare earth, with few others.

This is the power of fear.

PS. I am writing this to remind myself. I have some thresholds to cross. Big ones.

Creative Commons License Jônatas Cunha via Compfight

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