The field is held for our light

Recently I watched the streaming show, Daisy Jones and the Six. I am someone who enjoys complex character development. I have to like at least someone in the series. I could not watch Succession for this reason. I loathed every character, even if it was satire-soaked.

About midway through the series, I was ready to bail. Daisy was so broken that she broke everything in her wake. 

I am glad I endured. She surprised me. Love, something she, like most of us, longed for, was to be with someone who reflected our light even when we were projecting only our shadow. 

In finding this in herself she began her recovery.

Love does this. It sees through the BS and insecurity. It holds us to our best, even when we cannot find it. 

When we are loved, the field is held for our light. Our lover will not allow our BS, with love. They see who we are in our wholeness.

This is a gift. 

We can begin by gifting it to ourselves. 

I am all. My rage. My kindness. My fear. My beauty. My ineptitude. My past, present and future. Like the ocean, I am never one element. I am complex. Layered. 

This is where beauty is. In the complexity. Yet we insist on reducing it to sound bites.

Can I begin the path of self-reflection, and in seeing it all, by following the threads of any shame I hold, release the tangles that trap me in self-loathing and insecurity?

Am I able to do this for another? To love them for their everything? To be their light? 

*This is the principle behind the Dare to Care program. To Care enough to stand for the best of another.

Photo Taken July 23rd 2023

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