The “go-hard or go-home”, working massive hours, sleep deprived heroics is a sham.

This is Business as Usual, buying in to some old story that only those who sacrifice themselves on the altar of pleasure deprivation through living an addiction to work will make it to the pinnacles of success.

Crock of shite!

Sure, I may concede short bursts in time when deadlines demand big days. This though, when examined forensically, is actually a combination of bad organisation, really dysfunctional boundary setting (saying yes to way to many things) and a scarcity driven mentality. (never

Sleep is a really wonderful gig. I’ll take 8, how about you?

Countless studies have shown, time and again, that we perform better when we have good sleep. You know you perform better when you have good sleep. You actually don’t need any studies to prove it. So why don’t you make it a priority?

Ah…the heroics of the entrepreneur life…the siren call to some unique club of “I only got 4 hours!”

Sleep is biology’s way of cleaning out the old, making space for the new…putting out the garbage so to speak.

PLUS…wonderful things occur during sleep. Often the greatest inspiration…the greatest ah! moments follow sleep. Those 2.23AM moments.

My addiction is to the early hours…the inbetween. I call it float time. I am awake and not fully awake. Drifting. It is the place people so long for when they have to get up because they didn’t go to sleep early enough to allow themselves this delicious semi sleep state.

I love this time….so I go to bed early enough to wake without an alarm and still have at least 30 to 60 minutes of this float time. It is where all the dots are connected…no agenda..seemingly random thoughts…but oh so very significant. And lovely…

If you are running a story of never enough time then you are caught in the scarcity trap. And I would guess you have not taken the time to get really clear on what matters to you most…what you want to give your life to. Because almost all the other time is just noise.

Go-hard Business as Usual is dead. It may fuel the junkie hit for brief moments…but what will create a stunning future for all is one where people get good sleep, regularly.


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