As a marathon runner I know the value of the next small step. And then the next. And the next. Eventually you will have stepped 42.275kms. Most anyone can do this. The question is long will it take?

Sometimes our focus on the time it takes is the wrong focus. I know many people who don’t start a marathon because they have concerns about their time. Their ego is so caught up in running a good time that they fail to start at all.

Most often we need to focus on the next step. To stay in constant motion but always towards the goal. We may want to get there faster. But getting there is far better than not starting.

Every day I aim to do at least one thing towards my goal of creating a a global movement around business as unusual. Every day. Repeat. As long as I am very clear about the direction I am headed, if I continue every day with one step, I will get there. If I can do two things, even better. However, one thing is enough, when repeated every day.

It sounds so very simple, and it is. You will be surprised how few people do this. It matters not how big or small the goal is. The point is are you taking the next step today?




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