The Aussie Christmas season is slightly different to that of the Northern Hemisphere. It is our summer and our summer school holidays. Most businesses I know will shut down this Friday for at least two weeks. Beach, watching cricket, lazy days and BBQ’s all call for attention.

At the least the week between Christmas day and New Years eve is the best time in the world to NOT think. Play more, sleep, read novels. (Check out the wonderful ‘Lexicon’ by Max Barry.)

NOT thinking is critical to business success. The smartest people in the world had their most famous ideas come to them when they were not thinking. Einstein’s Theory of relativity arrived when we was out walking.

The end of our Western year and the start of a new year is the archetypal times to pause, breath out, clean out, stop. And because nature abhors a vacuum, into this lovely, peaceful, relaxed mind flows the creativity we have been searching hard for.

Take time to NOT think. It will allow you very best thinking ever to arrive, completely as a surprise and without any effort at all.

Photo Credit Diego Sevilla Ruiz via Compfight

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