To be Complete

From the online etymology dictionary

Complete – “having no deficiency, wanting no part or element; perfect in kind or quality; finished, ended, concluded,”

To be complete. Not wanting. 

To complete a body of work. A work of art. 

To know that nothing is missing. 

In Syntropic World we use the model of a tensegrity structure to demonstrate completeness. A sphere can be created with sticks and strings – a combination of tension and compression. 

Only when the last stick and string are added does the tensegrity structure hold its shape. Until that moment, it is unstable. 

Integrity means oneness – holding its shape.

Anything that is complete is also in integrity.

As a creator, entrepreneur, artist, and human, trusting our sense of completeness is a skill to develop.

We can begin by practising the sense of completeness with other things.

The food we eat and how much. The decoration of a home. Styling for an event. The words spoken – not too many, or too little.

When we stand back from a body of work, there is a knowing. This is complete.

Photo Taken May 12th 2023

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