Need more time…get less sleep. Right?


Sleep deprivation is part of the story we have been sold of the heroic over achieving empire builder.

Some people wear their lack of sleep like a badge of honour.

Here is what sleep is good for.

1. The obvious- rest and restore..mind and body. Can you do without this…not for long. At the physiological and biological level, sleep is where all the hard work happens.

2. Sleep creates a distance between our work and our perspective of our work. To ‘sleep on it’ is not some random metaphor but is known by many as the formula for good decision making. That distance of a good nights sleep allows clear sightedness.

3. Sleep allows our truth to speak to us. Nightmares are our bodies response to pressures we have not been facing in the day. Dreams often convey images we have been ignoring. Paying attention to the messages of our dream state is not some new age folly, but a very smart move. Our days are so often so busy that we simply do not pay enough attention to the whispers of our soul/intuition.

4. A good sleep is delicious. Feeling well rested is an amazing feeling. You can do more from this place that will evoke beauty and greatness than from the place of adrenalin fueled sleep deprivation.

5. The in between place ….that occurs on awakening without the alarm…where we are still dancing on the edges of awake/sleep… is often where the most inspired thoughts occur. There is a free flow to this state. Our creativity is highest.

Ditch the heroic super hero stuff, get regular great sleep and build stuff that matters.

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