What do you choose…accumulation of stuff, or experience?

If you look at your life so far…where have you spent your time, money and effort? Running hard to accumulate more, or seeking experiences?

Do the inventory.

In the accumulation column you would have things like house, cars, furniture, gadgets, clothes, toys (of all varieties). You may even have the trophy partner. Looks hot, turns heads. The more you have the more you want. Travel, but to places to be seen, or so you can tell the story about the places you have been seen in. You may even accumulate people with influence.

On the experience column you would have things like travel, adventure, time with friends, reading, learning new skills, participating in events, gaining education. You make these choices because you want to learn, grow, taste, touch, meet, speak, talk with, integrate, embody life.

How does our current society measure our value? Most through the stuff we have accumulated. But this is changing. More people are becoming “stuffed out”. They are recognising that the whole story of …get the degree, get the job, buy the house, get into debt, work to pay off debt for 30 plus years so you can retire to play…is actually not a good model. And that being measured by the size of your house, the car you drive, the trophy cabinet…are very empty ways of measuring the true worth of an individual.

Indeed there is a whole growing movement and tribe of people…the misfits, non conformists, positive deviants….who are choosing a whole new way of life. If you are reading this you are probably one of them.

The banks/house fires/tsunami’s/and other acts of God can take away all your stuff, but no one can ever take away your experience.



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