This is a rich question deserving deep attention.

In our early years we may wake at 2.23AM because we don’t know what to do with our life. Should I go left, or right? Is this boy or girl the right one?

Then there is a stage of waking at 2.23AM because we have fears about job security, income, how we will pay the mortgage.

At some point there might be a health crisis…which has us wake at 2.23AM.

If we are lucky there will be many times we wake at 2.23AM because we are so excited about something that we can’t sleep.

We may wake at 2.23AM because we have spent our lives building a career, following the rule book, and landing at this place of now, only to find that somewhere in the darkest corners of our selves there is this calling cry that in the beginning can only be heard at 2.23AM. This cry speaks of loss, that while we are supposed to be happy, something elemental is missing, and we have no idea what that is. There is an emptiness, a yearning, a deep calling for something more significant. We are seeking meaning, purpose and belonging. But have no idea where to find it.

At some point we may find ourselves awake at 2.23AM concerned about the cry of our grandchildrens grandchildren. They cry out to us from the future in despair because we did not do anything as our precious earth was being raped and pillaged, our waterways polluted, our atmosphere cooked. That when it was reported in 2014 that 85 people own as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion people, and this was something to be celebrated, that these 85 people are revered by the norms of society, and that this is OK? That it is OK to have the Monsanto’s of the world leave a trail of horror and suicide in India all in the name of business success. That our food is often poison and our health care industry is really not about health at all, but about sickness, and the management of sickness without ever really going to source. That we have more than enough free natural energy to fuel the world every day, but lacked the political will to make this our biggest priority, instead continuing to dig the earth of its billions of years of energy bank account savings, putting us in to debt that can never be repaid.

2.23AM grabs our attention. It is a pointer to an exploration into our own depths that cannot be ignored.

Next time you find yourself awake at 2.23AM take heed. Something is calling your life. Are you listening?


Photo credit:  José María Pérez Nuñez via Compfight

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