Something is calling you to a more meaningful way of expressing your life and work. Of crafting your business. You seek to join with those who know that the Business as Usual model is no longer going to create a healthy world for all.

Since May 2012 when the seeds of what is now 2.23AM arrived over a chat in Brisbane (Australia), my team and I have been staying in the question of how to create many pathways for people who are experiencing the 2.23AM call.

This is an emergent process. However, here is our immediate strategy, followed by the ways you might be able to participate and join us.

**Starting August 2014 we will be podcasting….2.23AM moments.

The one hour per podcast sessions will be each week for between 15 and 20 weeks. We will be speaking to business leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives…. many who have achieved a level of success in the public domain, diving deep into the question, “What wakes you at 2.23AM?”

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**We will be hosting 4 to 5 Executive Forums in several locations around the world. Ireland, Australia, Europe, USA, South Africa, Singapore are all potential venues.

These events are invitation only, and will be limited to 40 people. They will be for one day, in an informal setting, exploring the deeper questions of what wakes you at 2.23AM, at a personal level, and what wakes the world of business at 2.23AM at a collective level…and what can we do about it? The purpose of this dialogue is to step deeply into rich questions with peers, in a safe space, and then commit to action around what emerges.

If you are interested in these events, then please contact us directly here.

** We will be hosting public events in several locations around the world. These events will enable a deep dive into both your 2.23AM moments and how to express your business in a way that is deeply aligned to the well being of your life, purpose and the thriving of all of humanity. We will be exploring tools such as Integral Accounting, Financial Literacy…(the real financial literacy..not what you will find in economics 101, or money 101…see The Money Series, or the Debt Series.), complimentary currency, different models for large scale infra-structure funding, intangible asset management and leverage…tools and models being practiced and implemented by the outliers and positive deviants.

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If you are keen to host an event in your location, let us know.

**We are building the web site, where we will host interviews, tools, resources, blogs, articles etc…everything to support business for good, and the transformation of 2.23AM moments into ones of exhilaration and alignment. We expect to launch this at the end of 2014. We will be seeking guest bloggers, and article submissions, plus leaders and entrepreneurs to interview…know anyone?…let us know.

**I am seeking two people to work with in an intensive way over the course of a year, diving deep into your 2.23AM moments, exploring your deepest desires and how to express them in a way that enriches all, having your business match your deepest values, and your life be one that is full and whole. In working with me you will be nourishing your own 2.23AM questions as well as supporting the larger 2.23AM impulse. If you are called to this in any way, please contact me direct here. Or if you know anyone who may be interested in this, I would be grateful if you would let them know. This intensive program is the way I am removing my salary from the larger 2.23AM project.


If 2.23AM excites you…then do let people know. Invite them to subscribe, or check out what we are doing.

If you have any other thoughts for contribution, we are open to that as well.

Welcome…on this unfolding journey. We are honoured to have you.

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Photo credit: Christine McDougall



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