Our current world propagates scarcity as a currency.

Our economy depends on scarcity to survive in its current form.

The marketeers of the world thrive on scarcity….only 100 places, get in now before the price goes up…this offer will never be repeated…

Our addiction to consumption is driven by scarcity.

We wake up in the night with fears of loss, lack and other variations of scarcity.

When someone acts from the place of infinite abundance we are so shocked that we can hardly grasp it. Scarcity is the default pattern of the world.

When then might scarcity be something to strive for?

A work of art, a bespoke design, a small cafe committed to such constant and consistent small acts of greatness and attention to detail that simply cannot be scaled…

In these cases scarcity is not the point. There is no intention to propagate fear or lack. There is simply the intent to create art. To be committed to excellence that is breathtaking. To defy the business as usual model that says is it scalable?

In a world saturated with the McDonald’s equivalents of scale, we yearn for the unique, the bespoke, the one-of.

A whole generation of misfits and non conformists are saying to hell with scale. Lets create something amazing, beautiful, unique, artisan, breathtaking….and build a life where doing this is enough.



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