There has been a lot of noise about work life balance. What it is, how to achieve it.

Most of it is just noise designed to distract you from the real issue.

If you work at something you love, something that gives you more energy than it takes, that is doing good things for others in the world, that fills you up versus sucks you dry, then work away. Work weekends, nights, mornings. Work when the inspiration flows and when it doesn’t.

If your kids see you working late and on weekends on projects like this…wildly passionate projects, then they will be raised in a world where work is love. They will benefit from your passion, your love.

If you come home every day from a work place that is filled with uncertainty, where your value is not seen, where the company worships at the alter of money and profit at all costs, including the cost of your job…if you bring your fear and anguish home and work late, your kids will see and feel this.

Here then is the work life imbalance.

If our work and workplaces are full of risk, lack of trust, soulless processes, inhuman systems, careless leadership and unreliable practices, then we will have a work life imbalance no matter how many holidays we take.

It’s the leaders responsibility to create a workplace that is safe, respectful, trusted, values aligned…and to hire people who match the values. And then to protect the people with all they have, no matter what. When they do this they will create a tribe who will go all out to support the leader and the organisation. The question of work life balance will not arise.

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