A return to Integrity in everything is where we begin

Fragments of us are scattered everywhere. Trying to fit in, to be different (I know…we want both, often simultaneously..!!)

A life of building over here and finally admitting that over here was someone else’s dream for us.

Words spoken with callous disregard and never an intention to be acted on. Like keeping your time agreements. Or the promise you made to yourself. 

And then the ease to lie. To take. To use. Ignoring consequence.

Or to conform even though your guts are screaming that conformity is a violation of another, of rights, of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Integrity is the essence of everything truly successful…and by successful, I mean whole, syntropic, and without causing harm to any creature or our beautiful, precious home planet.

This is hard work. Gritty. Against the grain of the current flow of popular life.

A return to integrity in everything is where we begin.

Photo taken July 20th, 2018