Fear changes as we grow up

As we evolve towards maturity so does our fear. 

A childish fear is the monster under the bed. Yet often children throw themselves into precarious situations physically. Fearless.

A teen fear could be that we are accepted, liked, seen to be part of the in-group. Of course many carry this fear far past teenage years, allowing it to cripple choices.

A young adult’s fear could include all of the issues of survival and money. The ability to pay for this and that. A culture that celebrates an extreme wealth divide ensures more than half the planet is paralysed by survival fears. It keeps people compliant. Compliant people do not protest. Of course, when that wealth divide reaches a tipping point, compliance and fear are secondary to simple survival. Fear takes a secondary role. People rise up.

At some certain age, after loss, unravelling, and being tussled by life, we refine our fears. What people think? I care not. How I look. I dress for myself and my happiness. In-group, out-group – create my own group. 

Out on the waves this morning the fear was the size of the wave. The drop. That physical fear of being hurt, tumbled like a twig by nature. This fear has the sharp edge of needing to inform sense while also needing to be overcome. This is where fear becomes our teacher. 

It is one of the hardest lessons. To breathe through the fear and stop the mind creating stories that have not yet happened. 

If we reach a certain age and refuse to invite fear as a practice, I suspect we have reached the point of final decay. 

I return to the waves. There are lessons there and fears to be conquered. 

Photo taken January 21st 2023

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