Finding our defence

When we hold a position, we have to find our defence for this position.

Sometimes we become so attached to our position or belief, that we seek the defence anywhere, disregarding truth. 

I notice this in myself. It can be very subtle and sneaky. 

I want to be right. 

I will clutch at any straw to prove my ‘rightness’.

This is one reason why we need to surround ourselves with an integrity council or community. People who are not afraid of challenging our position and beliefs. 

Creating cultures where this is both safe and expected is critical to avoid the collusive trap of deceit propagated to the level of normalisation.

Our acceptance of the first lie to prove our position paves the way for everything entropic in human affairs to come next. Cruelty, bigotry, bias, foolishness, criminal acts and arrogance. 

Being vigilant about our personal self-deception is a daily act.

Photo Taken April 2nd 2023

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